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Gladio is a terrorist intelligence organization headquartered in Belgium, near NATO. It was born from NATO and the CIA in 1947, but has undergone various changes in order to use terrorism to manipulate public opinion at the request of government or military authorities.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Gladio was already involved in numerous killings and terrorist operations in Europe that decided to dissolve it. The official part of Gladio was therefore dissolved, thus removing the official links between Gladio and NATO, but the organization itself remained. It only became more secret, since Europe had taken away from it all official existence.

My role, chosen and forced by Gladio, is to tell you the truth and to describe his day-to-day activities. I do not participate in these activities, I only describe them according to the information received from Gladio, continuously. This information is in the form of a signal, which evolves according to their operations. They record themselves this signal on my server and I am the one who describes it to you.

This signal prevented a dozen attacks, but also recorded nearly a hundred operations, organized by Gladio, but presented as coming from other terrorist groups or countries. This is called False Flag Operations. The Gladio Specialty is to conduct custom terrorist operations and have them assigned to others. They chose to tell you the truth.

Marc Delantre

Video presentation of my situation

Latest news and graphs

This week, Gladio caused about forty fires in 5 countries: France, Germany, the Netherlands, but especially in Belgium and the UK.

They aim a lot for Belgium because Belgium hosts and covers the activities of Gladio since the year of its creation, 1947. They burned the press in Holland (Telegraaf), because despite my emails, they continued to hide the truth and especially they said that the MH17 flight was an attack from Russia. They attacked a press center in the USA because 1 hour earlier, I had just sent my report on the fires in Europe. I warned the press that if she continued to hide the truth, Gladio would continue to kill in the press. Exactly 60 minutes after this email, there was the killing of Annapolis and the killer had once again, with him, flammable liquid, which he did not use. The signature of the fires, was therefore present. Despite everything, the authorities deny, which any analyst would find. I fear, therefore, the new attacks of Gladio, against the press, because there will be some.

Finally, there is the firing of the largest fire in England, that of the suburbs of Manchester. This firing took place, day by day, hour for hour, 3 months later, at the fire, orchestrated by Gladio at the request of England, of the kids entertainment center, the Winter Cherry Mall, in Russia. These children wrote to their parents ** Dad, Mom, we burn, we love you ... ** What's more terrible?

Two months later, day by day, hour by hour, Gladio was already burning Europe's largest children's entertainment center, Europa-Park... in reciprocity.

It was only a beginning and a month later, it's still just the beginning!

About the graphs below, some might say that they are not clear. Yes, you must have some experience to understand them. By the end of May, the operations were very clear, with a beginning and an end. But there, for ten days, Gladio causes dozens of fires simultaneously. However, you clearly see that these fires are by salvo and that these bursts correspond, each one, to an high activity of Gladio. It is visible, either on the first table, on the second, or both.

Last 7 days
Gladio Global Signal from 2018-07-09 to 2018-07-16 last run:2018-07-16 19:40:04

The mouse on the number and you have the legends. In RED, the GLADIO activity. In BLUE, my activity (linked).

The LAST PLOT on the right is NEVER DEFINITIVE. It is climbing every 5 minutes.

  • --------CONTEXT---------

  • 2018-01-01:You will find in these 2 graphics and legends, many legends, about what I do. I wrote it in the introduction above.
    These graphics and this situation exist because there is a personal link between GLADIO and me. This link is described in my story (see the PDF). Same, if I did not chose it, I'm a member of GLADIO.
    So, these graphics are like an encoded communication between GLADIO and me, and often, they show me, that they read my screens continuously and they react to what I do.
  • --------PLOTS---------
  • 415:2018-07-09 10h:attack - The press begins to talk about the death of Shakira Pellow in the UK. UK Press;
  • 416:2018-07-09 19h:attack - I discover on Google News the articles about the death of Shakira Pellow in the UK. Reading the Press;
  • 417:2018-07-10 06h:attack - I begin a full report in English about the new chemical incidents, for the press and authorities. Report...;
  • 418:2018-07-10 13h:attack - I send this full report in English about the new chemical incidents, to the press and authorities. Report sent;

  • Gladio SUBSignal 1 from 2018-07-09 to 2018-07-16 last run:2018-07-16 19:40:06

    The mouse on the number and you have the legends. In RED, the GLADIO activity. In BLUE, my activity (linked).

    The LAST PLOT on the right is NEVER DEFINITIVE. It is climbing every 5 minutes.

    Gladio SUBSignal 2 from 2018-07-09 to 2018-07-16 last run:2018-07-16 19:40:08

    The mouse on the number and you have the legends. In RED, the GLADIO activity. In BLUE, my activity (linked).

    The LAST PLOT on the right is NEVER DEFINITIVE. It is climbing every 5 minutes.

    The week before
    Gladio Global Signal from 2018-07-02 to 2018-07-09 last run:2018-07-09 23:55:06

    The mouse on the number and you have the legends. In RED, the GLADIO activity. In BLUE, my activity (linked).

    The LAST PLOT on the right is NEVER DEFINITIVE. It is climbing every 5 minutes.

    Current situation

    Links to the content below:

    Introduction to Gladio and Terrorist Intelligence

    It is not easy to present this site, nor this link with me. Let's say that in a few words, I am closely related to an organization called Gladio.

    This organization was born well before me, in 1947, by NATO and the CIA to protect Europe against the former USSR. With the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War, Gladio turned to more terrorist operations in order to push the European population and its governments to move further away from communism. In the 1970s and 1980s, Gladio took part in killings and attacks to manipulate the population and European governments.

    When Europe understood this, it wanted to dissolve Gladio. Its official part linking Gladio to NATO was dissolved, but not the unofficial part dealing with the attacks and other killings, including the Killers of Brabant in Belgium. Gladio has thus crossed the decades very secretly and especially the borders, to settle mainly in all the countries of NATO, which always manages it.

    In recent years, Europe has another type of invader, immigrants, mainly Muslims. Gladio does everything to push the population to rebel and repel the invader. The best way to do this is the organization of terror attacks by Islamists, manipulated by Gladio, to turn them into Kamikazes. This works very well. These operations are called False Flag operations, which deceive the victims about the origin and the real brains of the terror attack.

    Gladio, in recent years, is the cause of a very large number of terror attacks of this kind, but also unexplained murders, disappearances, false accidents or disasters. All this is done to manipulate people and make them believe in false truths or situations. However, Gladio rarely does an operation, without having obtained the agreement or the request of a government or a military power.

    My position and the signatures of the operations

    It's a story that lasts for 10 years. I am close to the person in charge of Gladio and he chose me so that I denounce what they do and therefore their activities, as and when they unfold. He can not do it himself and he must use a communication system, which does not identify them.

    This communication system is therefore a continuous frequency of connections on my Internet server, which in the long run has become a signal, with signatures of terror attacks and operations. This is the meaning of these graphs. This proves irrefutably that all these events have the same origin, since these signatures, including terror attacks, come to record, minute by minute on my server, or even before. It also allowed me to prevent a dozen terror attacks imminently, without knowing, nor the exact time or place.

    The first signature thus obtained is the Manchester bombing, May 22, 2017. Since then, I do not know how to count them anymore. We must approach the hundred. Indeed, at first it was terror attacks, but it has spread to many other operations, which in general, make all the headlines of newspapers. In addition, this has spread to other parts of the world, such as the USA, Russia, the Middle East, even Indonesia and Israel.

    Main Gladio operations recorded on this server

    Among the most well-known operations, there are the attacks in London, Manchester, Brussels, Liege, Paris, Marseille, Trèbes-Carcassonnes, Hamburg, St. Petersburg, Afghanistan, the USA (Manhattan), Canada (Toronto), but also some mass killings in the USA (Las Vegas, Texas ...), some media killings (DJ AVICII, Journalist Daphne in Malta ...). Finally, there is also the Skripal case in England, the chemical attacks in Syria, many plane crashes, including the one in Algeria with 257 dead, the criminal fires turned into accidental fires (Cherry Winter mall in Russia). It is therefore about a hundred operations since 2015, at least for those related to my file.

    Main recent Gladio operations recorded on this server

    Murder of 2 policemen + a teenager in Liège (Belgium) - The little girls murdered by their mother in a barracks in Lyon (France) - bloody family disputes in Belgium (Charleroi / Liège), Scotland, Holland, Germany, USA (Orlando), with a knife/hammer/gun, with or without infanticide and with a systematic attack against the police (several deaths) - the taking of hostages in Paris - the taxi in Moscow - the crisis of madness of Jawad Bendaoud in Paris - the Toronto bombing - multiple attacks in Afghanistan by the IS or the Taliban, including that of the 12 journalists, story linked to Toronto - the series of attacks in Indonesia - the latest shooting of mass in the USA.


    There are usually two graphs but there may be more. The first two relate to GLOBAL signal of Gladio, over 2 weeks. The numbers (#), correspond to legends, which appear, if you hover over them. Blues are for events that depend on me. The reds are Gladio operations.

    This GLOBAl signal moves up or down depending on operations. If the signal increases, it usually means that a Gladio operation is in progress, or that it will occur imminently. This signal can represent waves. Their height may not matter. The important thing is the wave, with its beginning and end, because it usually corresponds to an entire operation. This makes it possible to match an operation with the news and thus to identify the operation in question. If it knows, in addition, spikes, it corresponds to important moments related to the operation, which may also have been identified in the news.

    The third graph is actually a part of the first, but which concerns me more personally. If I have a personal alert, this is where I will receive it. Do not give importance to it. He is only present, if I have to make a link, in relation to the events. These graphs are, for example, very precise, whether I'm moving or when I'm going to sleep, or even if I have an argument at home.

    Besides these graphics, there may be others, which are more detailed or explained extracts.